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Get all details about Best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut | Vishal SEO

Vishal SEO is one of the best digital marketing institute in meerut, Uttar Pradesh to help you make a successful career in the trending digital marketing fields.


The advanced SEO training program start with 30+ essential modules,10+ International Certification, followed by specialization program in online advertising, Search Engine Optimization, & Social Media Marketing.

Moreover, we also provide Master Program in Online Earning through Affiliate Marketing, Digital Sales Optimization & Freelancing.


Our strong commitments to providing quality learning makes us stand apart from the competitions. We encourage each & every trainee to achieve excellence in all endeavors & aren’t satisfied until they meet their goal.

Enroll now in our New Batch in Meerut to take benefits of the skill to grab the forthcoming opportunities!

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best digital marketing institute in meerut

Curriculum details about the best Digital Marketing Institute in Meerut.

Our curriculum is specially designed by industry experts that cover all essentials topics of digital marketing.


We encourage a detailed teaching methodology that assures a strategic understanding of the fundamentals of digital marketing.


The aim of our curriculum is to develop expertise in every individual that dreams to prosper in this field.

Basic Modules

M1.Basic Of marketing.

M2.Introduction to digital marketing.

M3.Starup Case Study.

M4.Graphic Designing For Business.

M5.Video marketing Fundamentals.

M5.Video Creating and Editing.

M6.Professional Blogging.

M7.Google Analytics Fundamentals.

M8.Social Media Optimization For Business.

M9.Search Engine Optimization.

M10.Link Buildings.

M11.Online Advertising & Google Adword Setup.

M12.Email Marketing for business.

M13.Website Planning & Creation (WordPress)


Basic + Advanced Modules –

M14.Lead Generation and marketing Automation.

M15. Advance Web Analytics.

M16.Conversion Rate Optimization.

M16. Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

M17. Social Media Strategy & Management.

M18.Competitor Analysis.


Paid Advertising

M19.SMS Marketing &

M20.Social Media Advertising.

M21.Google Display Network Advertising.

M22.Video Advertising.

M23.Remarketing & Recall Ads.

M24.Podcast Creation

M25.Microsoft Clarity

M26.Microsoft Digital Marketing Centre


Career Oriented

M27.Online Money Making.

M28.Selling Digital Marketing Services.

M29.Ecommerce marketplace Selling.

M30.Interview Preparation.

Preparing for digital marketing interview and nervous about your visit? Well, we can help you to relax your nerves (up to certain atleast!).



We know the first interview can give you the worst nightmares, but if you’re well prepared, there is nothing much to fret about. This is why, we have listed some most asked digital marketing interview questions with the best answers to it.

So, if you’re new to digital marketing and going for the interview for the first time or as a fresher, here is a bonus tip for you:



Being confidents is one of the secret ingredient for cracking any interview.

A confident applicant can easily impress the front desk but that doesn’t means that skills do not count. Make sure you know about your job profile too much because more is less.


Secondly, be honest with your answer, don’t try to fake your answers too much, this can frustrate the HR, either you can be a little manipulative with your answers. Try to be polite and kind.

So, yes the perfect blend of confidence and honesty will definitely a lot during the interview.


Coming to the main course (pun intended), which are the Most asked digital marketing interview questions?

Talking about the HR, they can ask you anything, they want but what we have mentioned in our digital marketing interview questions is what they commonly ask from any fresher of digital marketing.

We don’t claim that these questions will definitely being asked during interviews but the possibility to get questions from this list is very high.



So without wasting any further, let’s jump to the main context.

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