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A complete Guide about Motor Home

A motorhome is a van, bus, or truck where you can sleep, get fresh, and travel. The motorhome is a smart choice for those people who want to travel and camp or wants to live a camping life here Home On Wheels is an India-based company giving you a complete collection of motorhomes so you can choose a motorhome according to your need. you only have to select a model and start traveling. according to Home On Wheels you can build a motor home in a bus, truck, pickup truck, etc.

Best designed motorhome by home on wheel

Specifications and features-

Home On Wheels made a complete collection of all types of motorhomes according to customers’ demands and the best and solid build quality in this segment that also can fit in your budget.

1. Best modular kitchen with all necessary items
2. Mass Storage for everything
3. Saprate Water tank for drinking water and kitchen water
4. Water pump
5. Water heater
6. You only have to put the necessary items and here you are ready for travel
7. automatic black water draining system
8. king sized bedroom
9. washroom and bathroom
10. Metal Body and stylish design with an interior selection

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